For our own needs and as an external service, we construct:
The construction is built using the CATIA software tool.
We are our clients' professional development partner.
We share our knowledge and many years of experience with clients, from the conceptual development phase to the finished product.
We offer comprehensive professional support in finding optimal technical solutions.
The manufacture of tools is based on our own construction, the client's construction, or the delivered sample.  We develop and manufacture sheet metal forming tools:
  • punching tools
  • bending and cutting tools
  • deep-drawing tools
  • progressive tools
  • prototype tools

Size: 1500 x 800 mm,

Weights: up to 2 t
Development and production of control and welding devices.
We can also provide mechanical processing services within the framework of toolmaking:
Machine park
The tools are manufactured in the framework of a machine park, which includes:
  • 2x CNC milling machine
  • 1x CNC turning machine
  • 1x CNC wire erosion
  • 1x turning machine
  • 2x flat-grinding machine
  • 1x milling-drilling machine
  • 1x pillar drilling machine
  • 1x band saw
TEHNIOR, mehanska obdelavakovin, orodjarstvo in inženiring, d.o.o.,
Cirknica 9, 2212 Šentilj v Slovenskih goricah
Registration number: 8349258000
Tax number: SI49413473
Darko Bavdaž
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